Gary Carter, get well soon


Lost in the mix of the Republican debates and endless campaigns — which will never ever end, I’m certain — I came across this news.

[New York Mets star] Gary Carter’s fight with brain cancer has turned from brave to extremely grave.


On Thursday, Carter’s family received a phone call from the doctors at Duke University who have been treating the Mets Hall of Fame catcher informing them that the most recent MRI revealed “several new spots/tumors on his brain,” Carter’s daughter, Kimmy Bloomers, wrote on the family website.


Gary Carter was long before my time. He was retiring from baseball around the time I was taking my first steps. He wasn’t a legend or an icon. He was a phrase passed down like Greek demi-gods. He’s an all-around good guy, from what I’ve heard — never had a problem with drugs or alcohol, never was a cheater or anything — but this? It’s a lot for words.


Sometimes, it is only the good…

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