About me


I’m an experienced web journalist with quite a few tools in my digital tool belt.  I’ve been part project manager, part blogger, part curator, part social media manager — I’ve done a lot. I was most recently responsible for bringing to life Yahoo’s Morning News Digest, a mobile app that serves to synthesize the most important news for the upcoming day in easy multimedia packages.

Previously, as a web producer in Project Thunderdome, I created national sports content for local newspaper use, set the daily budget for the sports desk, and coordinated coverage of major national sporting events among the newspapers and web sites that comprise Digital First Media. My work history has comprised local news, national political news, weather and national top news. I was also in the social media department of a New York City political campaign.

I’ve authored quick-turnaround pieces and long-form journalism pieces. I’ve worked in-house, and organized outside help for the best coverage.

I can also make .gifs.

For more about me, go to my LinkedIn page. For work that I’ve done, head to the Links tab.

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